Friday, September 26, 2008

Over the River...

Isn't this a beautiful quilt? It was embroidered and pieced by Diane Child. What a lot of work-I love it! I got to do the machine quilting on it. I just wish I got to keep it!


Kyle received his Arrow of Light award at Pack Night last night.
He has completed his goals for Webelows. He is ready to move on to Boy Scouts.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Baack!

It has been awhile, but I'm back. I am so glad to have a computer again!!! Long post--
Almost 4 weeks ago we had a flood. We live in a basement apartment with a large walk-out area for our front door. In the middle of the night, unfortunately, that walk out had about 8 inches of irrigation water in it. By the time we knew what had happened, it was about 5:30 in the morning. We started vacuuming up water and moving what we could upstairs (to Mom & Dad's) and in the garage. After about 4 hours of vacuuming up water, we decided we would have to take out the carpet and pad. That meant really everything had to be taken out, that includes the island bar, and pellet stove, which we had added after we moved in, so they all had carpet under them. After the carpet was out we continued to vacuum up water for about another hour and a half.

Do you remember my post about my "crap room" that I could not show a photo of the floor, because you could not see the floor in that room? Oh what a wet mess! I, of course, went strait to my boxes of photos, and got them off the floor and started drying them before I did anything else. My sewing machine and such were not so lucky. Bummer. The only part of our house that was left dry was our bedrooms.

After a couple of days, and things not seeming to be drying, we called in a flood and restoration company. They tested the moisture levels in all of my walls, and then began tearing them apart and drilling holes everywhere so fans could dry them out.

We had a lot of water! That meant about a week of living in a wind tunnel. I hate wind.
So we mostly live in our bedroom. We walk around on concrete floors, the kids do their homework on TV trays. You get the idea.
But things are finally all dry now, and our walls are rebuilt, our baseboards are back on!

We had to tear out some concrete, and our friend Rob put in a new front door for us.

This is still the old door.
I got my washer and dryer put back in.
I've been painting walls and doors like crazy.
Tony and I did some tile work.

We helped my sister Anna put in laminate flooring in our kitchen area, and down our hall.

My fridge and stove are back in.
We just got new carpet installed. Here are Kyle, Tony and Gracie doing Carpet Angels. It is so great to have a real floor again!

Hopefully tomorrow we will get our island put back in, I think the pellet stove will be re-installed next week.
I'm still painting the cabinets we use for pantry and storage, but they should go in soon.
I can hardly wait to have my house back together!!! My Mom can hardly wait, most of my stuff is taking up her house. She will love to have her house back too!
I'll post some more photos when everything is finished. It will pretty much be a new house.
Some other happenings--
Two days before our flood, I got back from a trip to Idaho. It was a great trip, but so good to be home. I missed my family like crazy! What a great Welcome Home-

The next day we spent the day playing at Utah Lake with my brother Jared, his family, and their good friends. We had so much fun!

Aunt Jen and Gracie

Tony & Kyle
Last week Kyle had a Birthday, and he is now 11 !
We had cake and ice cream, and installed a new door for his birthday--
But the next day he got to invite a friend and we went miniature golfing and had a great time!