Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tag - Unimportant Things

I've been tagged by Karen and asked to list 6 unimportant things about myself, here goes--things you never wanted to know about me...

  1. Vanilla Pepsi--it's really like a love affair....ummmm....
  2. I love to read. I really have to control myself and not start too many books. When I am reading a good book, I can't get anything else done, no really, anything.
  3. I always have the munchies, always. Especially after a huge meal when I am already sooo full. Being full certainly does not stop me!
  4. I LOVE the sun.
  5. I HATE winter.
  6. I love to go camping. It is probably my favorite thing to do with my family. And of course when I camp I get to combine so many of my favorite things. My family, Vanilla Pepsi, eating munchies while I read a good book, and no phone!

Alright--tag Julie and Kristen!

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