Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

From the Gypsy, Hunchback, and Biker...
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twirl Skirt

I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself right about now.

I had this super cute fabric out, and decided it should be a skirt for Gracie instead of a quilt. I so do not know how to sew clothes, and of course didn't have a pattern, and of course needed to make it right then.

So I just kinda went for it. I know it is far from perfect, but it is wearable and I think Gracie is so very cute in it. I also now know what I would do different if I ever make another one. I think it was easier for me to face trying something without a pattern. A pattern makes me feel like I have to follow rules--never been to good at that.

And what girly girl doesn't love to twirl?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Scrappy Christmas Quilts and More...

I've been very busy! In the last two weeks I have completed, start to finish:

2 Christmas throws

2 Christmas table toppers

1 Christmas table runner

2 baby snugglies

2 firetruck baby quilts

All of the Christmas quilts have some of the same and similar fabrics, so they all coordinate together.

I couldn't manage to get a photos that showed this beautiful thread it is quilted with. It is a variegated "King Tut" thread that I love to use on Christmas stuff. I quilted most of these with a Loops & Holly design.

The Holly Table Topper is done with raw edge applique, and just looks soft and yummy.

These are the baby snugglies. They both have red minkie on the back and just feel so soft.

The girlie one is quilted with my favorite all over Flower and Leaves. It really looks awesome on the back.

The "Lil' Sailor" one is quilted with all over Loops.

(photos of the firetruck quilts still to come)

And this is a photo of my kitchen table. This is on a good day, but it looks simulair to this about 85% of the time. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stamp Club

I just got back from Stamp Club at my friend Karen's house. Everyone in the club makes a card trade. This is my trade for tonight--

I used the Stampin' Up! set called "Bronc Buster"
Then we all got to make the cutest card that Karen designed. Be sure to check out her blog for lots of cute ideas!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Fun

This last Saturday we had a fun day with family and friends.
We met up with my brother Jared & his family, some friends of theirs (VT's), and my brother Rick and his family.

We went to the VT's farm and the kids got to take a ride on a horse.

Gracie especially loves horses, she was so excited to go on a ride!

My niece Taylor was such a good sport to lead all the kids around on the horse. She is always so good to my kids, and beautiful too! Here she is again with Kyle.

Then we brought out the guns and did a little skeet shooting. A lot of laughter and tons of fun.

The most laughter seemed to be while it was me and my sis-in-law Jen shooting....go figure...

Here is my niece Amanda shooting Kyle's BB gun.

And this would be Tony picking on one of his favorite people, my niece Bethany.

And for some reason the girls of all ages seem to be drawn to my nephew Jake.

We had a great day and are so thankful for family and good friends!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Kyle & Gracie are on their fall break from school, so Tony scheduled a couple of days off work and we are enjoying a four day weekend. It is so nice to just have time, and no real plans. Yesterday we decided to go feed the ducks. Wow, there were a lot of ducks, and even some geese. We had a lot of fun--

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Posh Baby

Ahhhh---I just love this quilt!

Posh Baby

This quilt is pieced from charm packs and a jelly roll, with borders added. All from the "Posh" line by Chez Moi for Moda. I just love how it turned out. Yummy.

The back is almost as beautiful as the top! It is quilted in my favorite Flowers & Leaves freehand design.
It is just dying to be wrapped around a baby!

I'll be listing it in my Etsy store very soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas Stars

Bright Christmas Stars

This was made with a Buggy Barn pattern "Shoot the Moon"
from the book "A Little Bit Crazy"

I quilted it in an all-over Loops and Stars

Monday, October 13, 2008

Check this out

Wow- check out his giveaway!!! I want one!

Hell & Gone

An interesting morning this morning--
So last night I accidentally didn't go to bed until about 2 am. Then at 4 am, Tony started getting phone calls with a few problems at work, At 6 am (I didn't even know there was a 6 AM, I am so NOT a morning person!) Tony wakes me and tells me one of his drivers is broke down, and Tony needs to take another tractor to him, so he can finish his route. So I get up, get dressed, wake up the kids, and ask them to get themselves ready and off to school today. (I really do have the best kids!)
Then Tony and I head to Orem to pick up the spare tractor and I follow Tony to the middle of nowhere--to find his driver, help him hook up his trailer, and leave him the spare. On the way back we decided to stop for some breakfast. Just as we are getting done with breakfast and I think Tony is going to take me home, he gets another phone call. The mechanic just got the broken down tractor fixed, and it now needs picked up---from the middle of nowhere.
So now we are off, again. We drive back out to the truck, Tony picks it up and I am following him back to Orem, so he can drop it off at work, and bring me home. During all this driving I keep remembering my Grandpa using the phrase "to hell and gone". I'm pretty sure I now know where he meant.
We are home all of about 2 minutes when the phone rings. It is the kids school calling to tell me Gracie has stepped on a nail and it went through her shoe and into her foot. So we are back out the door to the school to get Gracie's foot cleaned up. She is such a trooper. Luckily it was a thin nail. She pulled the nail out of her foot herself, and was being very brave, even while I cleaned it.
All this takes place by about 12:30 this afternoon. Surely the rest of the day will be smooth sailing....right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'll have my quilts and such at a
Fall Boutique
Saturday, October 11th

10:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.
339 West 840 South, Orem

Come and enjoy hot wassail and refreshments while you look around at our many handmade
Holiday crafts, Quilts, Scrapbooks, Jewelry,
Scentsy candles, and much more...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Gracie had her last soccer game last week. She has been so fun to watch.

I'm bummed to see the season end. In the past both Kyle and Gracie have played soccer, that meant 4 games a week, sometimes that got a little hard to juggle. I was always ready for the season to be over. This year only having Gracie play, has meant just 2 games a week. It has gone so fast and now it seems like winter will really come. Darn.

Gracie playing defender--"Bring it On"

Football & Pizza

We had a fun night Friday with the Preston's--watching BYU football, eating pizza, and enjoying good friends.

Doesn't Tony look good holding a baby!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas?

Anyone have any great Halloween Costume Ideas? I think Gracie has decided to be a Gypsy this year, but finding a fun costume for Kyle is a little more challenging.
So tell me, what is your family dressing up as this year?
I've had so much fun thinking about our past Halloween memories, I had to share some of our past Halloween photos:

And last but not least.....Yes this is my husband, and no, he is not with a super hairy hooker...just my brother. Should that bother me more?