Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Fun

This last Saturday we had a fun day with family and friends.
We met up with my brother Jared & his family, some friends of theirs (VT's), and my brother Rick and his family.

We went to the VT's farm and the kids got to take a ride on a horse.

Gracie especially loves horses, she was so excited to go on a ride!

My niece Taylor was such a good sport to lead all the kids around on the horse. She is always so good to my kids, and beautiful too! Here she is again with Kyle.

Then we brought out the guns and did a little skeet shooting. A lot of laughter and tons of fun.

The most laughter seemed to be while it was me and my sis-in-law Jen shooting....go figure...

Here is my niece Amanda shooting Kyle's BB gun.

And this would be Tony picking on one of his favorite people, my niece Bethany.

And for some reason the girls of all ages seem to be drawn to my nephew Jake.

We had a great day and are so thankful for family and good friends!


Karen said...

Looks like fun! I used to be a good shot back in the day...but I'm pretty sure those days are gone!

Kari Lyn said...

You look like Sarah Palin out there shootin'! (That's a compliment coming from me....I LOVE her!)