Friday, April 3, 2009

Tag, Quilty Blogs & Stuff

You know there are always a ton of projects going on at once around here.
Here is a quilt top I am working on. I fell in love with the little birdies on this fabric.

Look how cute this little quilt is going to be!

I have mo
re of these same fabrics that I'm playing with. It might become another zig-zag top, or maybe pinwheels, or I don't know what. We'll see.

I was tagged by Allie, and how can you resist a tag from your own name? So here are seven things I love:
1. My knowledge of Jesus Christ
2. My Family--I really am so lucky
3. Great Friends
4. Fabric
Chips & "Los Hermano's" Salsa...mmmm
6. Chips & Ranch Dip
7. I love to create, all kinds of things!

Want to find lots of quilty blogs? Check out this site.


Allie said...

That bird fabric is darling! I never did graduate to triangles in my quilting - I have a point phobia. Yours are perfect and slightly intimidate me. *G* Good job!

Vicki said...

I love Los Hermanos chips and salsa too. Yum. I haven't had it for years though since we've moved away.

Cool zig zag quilt. I'm going to have to make one someday.

jacquie said... have been busy...quilts,!

Kerri said...

oh, i love the birds! the zig zag is so fun too!! i've been wanting to try that one. hopefully in the near future.

Shasta said...

I saw those two cuties in person and cutie patootie they definately are!

Roslyn Atwood said...

yes I love poppies I also love your minkee backed quilts, doesn't it quilt lie butter?
And I re4ally want to make a disappearing 9patch, I just never get around to it!

Kate said...

Love the bird fabric!