Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom's Quilt

I finished this quilt the end of May, right before our family reunion.
I made it for my Mom & Dad's bed.
The back is one piece and a beautiful fabric so they can flip it over when they need a change. Turned out pretty good I think!


Marcie said...

That is beautiful! Glad you are feelin better! LP here we come!

Allie said...

Oh Allie that is stunning! The colors just glow. Lucky mom and dad!

traci said...

I looked through a lot of your quilts and they are so amazing. Love that moped one! I am glad you are back to sewing. I have a similar addiction and I am trying so hard to make it seem like I don't! Your parents are so blessed.

Rashida Khanbhai said...

what a lovely gift. I love the autumni colours.