Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm ba-ack!

Did you think I got lost?

My family and my sister (who has been living with us) and her two kids, got a cruise for Christmas!
We gave each of the kids a box filled with clues for them to unwrap, and finally they got a little cruise ship. 

It was so much fun to watch them try to figure out what was going on. We left the next day to head to Long Beach and then on to a Mexican Riviera Cruise.
We had such a good time. I so want to be on the beach right now! 

The highlight of Puerto Vallarta was the Zip Line. Tony, Kyle, Anna, Travis and Megan all went.

Gracie and I decided to keep our feet on the ground. Maybe next time. 

I think the favorite at Mazatlan was the beach. 


We had to stop at a place called "Mr. Tony's" to get a picture, and ended up also having the best food of the whole trip. It was fabulous. 

The beach at Cabo was beautiful! We spent most of out time at the beach, and tried a little snorkeling. 

It was such a great trip and we all can't wait to go again!


Marcie said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to be on a beach right this minute too.

Jackie said...

Terrific trip! We did the same thing one year for our kids. We wrapped clues in a box and they had to guess. They did guess eventually that we were going on a cruise and were thrilled. It looks like fun was had by all of you!

Allie said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here shivering and GREEN with envy, lol! The pictures are marvelous!

wishes, true and kind said...

Welcome back! What a fun family trip! Priceless!

Tamera said...

Beautiful family. What a blessing!

angela said...

What an awesome trip! All the little Christmas packages with clues looked like a ton of fun!!

drucillastitches said...

How awesome, and we have been snowed in with temperatures in the teens.....yikes!!!
Glad you had a great time with your family!!

Gale's Goodies said...

The family picture at the end of the post is just lovely! Looks like you all had a great time in the sun. I am SO ready for some beach time!