Monday, March 21, 2011

Birds of a Feather?

I'm still going to PT, and making progress...slowly. So with my break from sewing I've needed other ways to occupy my mind. I'm trying to paint left handed (wow that takes a while), working very part time at my brothers new art shop, etc. 

I have always loved feathers, and here's my latest color obsession. 
I'll be doing these feather hair extensions here at my home and at a few boutiques this spring and summer. Contact me if you would like some.   


Allie said...

I'm glad to hear you're recovering hon, and that you're able to keep busy - those feathers are just GORGEOUS!

val said...

Hi Allie, just stopping by to check on your progress :0) I often think about you and wonder how things are going. You look beautiful ..... so are the feathers, I have some gorgeous peacock feathers that stand in an old medicine bottle ..... a walk I used to do with my little Bella when we lived in Derbyshire at the end of the walk was an odd assortment of animals on a rough piece of farmland .... a few peacocks amongst them, every so often we were lucky enough to come by just as he had dropped a few :0)
keep smiling that beautiful smile .... and pray :0)
love to you, Val xx Oxfordshire UK

CAS said...

Good luck on your progress. It sounds like you are actually able to do quite a few things to keep busy. That's a good thing. I wouldn't be good at having to ask for help either, but your friends & family don't mind, seriously.