Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello Again!

Did you think I fell off the planet??? 

Well we survived the move from Springville to Orem.  We are renting an apartment from some of our best friends, and we are loving it here. (Although the new place still looks like a bomb went off.)
Here are a few of the things I learned in the process of moving--number one is that I own way too much crap, and apparently I am attached to all of it.  
I get overwhelmed to easily. I am a lousy mover and I hope not to do it again anytime soon. My son is amazing. We have some pretty great friends and family who take care of us. My shoulder that had been doing quite well, is not doing so well. Bummer.

I have a great space to use as my sewing studio at our new place with room for my longarm, and it is almost put together! I can't wait to get back to quilting!

We had a great 4th of July weekend, spent with some dear friends. Our weekend included hanging out, watching the fireworks display, swimming, jumping on the tramp, BBQing, laughing and lighting fireworks. I love this holiday.


Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....moves are so tough! Glad that you are happy where you are and slowly getting settled in.

Allie said...

I used to love to move, it's how I decluttered. Now? Not so much. I'm glad you made it through ok hon. I hope your shoulder gets better!!!

The 4th is my favorite holiday [aside from Christmas] because it's WARM!

Kris said...

Allie - My Dad and I have been moving this past month as well and our place also looks like a bomb went off in it. I also own too much stuff and my best friend from Colorado moved in with us and of course she has too much stuff too so we are weeding out as we empty boxes!! Needless to say, the box emptying is going quite slowly. Please take care of your shoulder!! Oh, and your pretty little piles of fabric are soooooo much neater than mine!! LOL!! Kris

Emily said...

Had no idea you moved! Did your parents also move? Hope all is well. So sorry about your shoulder. I keep having similar experiences reminding me that I'm not as young as I once was, and I HATE IT!!
You are so amazing, and I loved seeing the pics from the 4th! It reminded me of watching fireworks out on the street with you guys right before we moved. Seems like a lifetime ago!
Enjoy your new place!