Monday, May 12, 2008

HMQS - Last Thursday

A Big, Busy Day

I started out my day heading up to the Home Machine Quilting Show with my Mom. We spent most of the day there, but we had to head back home to be home before the kids got out of school. (I beat them home by about 3 minutes!) I took some fun photos, but we just plain ran out of time.

This photo is of an amazing quilt depicting DaVinci’s “Last Supper”. It was created by a very sweet man, artist Donald E. Locke. The quilt is made up of 51,816 half-inch squares. It took two and a half years just to piece the quilt. “The Supper” is about 15 feet wide and 5 ½ feet tall. Very cool to get to see. Talk about patience.

This one is called--I Ain’t no Spring Chicken! Yes this is really a quilt too. It was pieced and quilted by David Taylor.

This one was probably my personal favorite-This one is Snowmen on Parade.

Then it was off to Kyle’s baseball practice. After practice, I shoved my family out of the car, onto the driveway, and took off to Enrichment night. I have to admit, going home and having dinner with my family sounded a lot easier, but I decided I really should go.
I am so glad I went! It was a great night with The Diamond Dance Company. Their theme is Turning our coals into Diamonds…Believe in who you are. It was a great night of Music, Dance and Testimony. I was so impressed with the time these women give to share a message they believe in. I only wish I had had Gracie there with me. She would have loved to see them dance.
Pretty good full day!

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