Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Cowboys and Mint Brownies

This is a picture my Dad painted and gave to me for Christmas.

Of course I love it, it is one of my prized possessions. On Christmas morning in the middle of opening presents my Dad comes around the corner holding this picture. I had of course seen the the picture, and had told my Dad how great it would look with the color of my paint, but I hadn't seen it framed, and had no idea I would actually get it! Apparently I had a pretty good reaction, because my kids still talk about the little dance and scream I did when I saw it. I must have been having an out of body experience because I really don't remember much besides being shocked. Again, I love this picture!

Anyway, I finally made a quilt to keep--I've made quite a few quilts for other people, and quilts to sell, but I hadn't made one just to have around my house. And now I have one!
When I saw the piece of fabric that has the brown background with the green fleur de lis type design--I knew I had to have it. The rest just went on from there.

Now doesn't that just make you want Mint Brownies?

And doesn't it look great with my Cowboys?

The quilting on this one was a design I had drawn, but I hadn't quilted it yet. When I was debating how to quilt this one, Tony chose this design. I'm glad he did, it is one of my favorites now. This next photo shows the back. I used the super soft minkie (or minky, or minkee, or what ever!)

Tony thinks this is his quilt--but really, who is always cold around here?

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