Monday, August 18, 2008


School starts on Wednesday, so we spent the last 5 days camping, as our final-before school outing. I'm so not ready for the summer fun to be over!

This is Tony and Kyle setting up our tent. Kyle is so much help when we go camping.

We had fun feeding the squirrels. I can't believe what little pigs they are! They were so much fun to watch.

Speaking of little pigs.....A girl after my own heart....Gracie sneaking a little treat.

Speaking of know you are really roughin' it when you are camping and eating a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich.

Playing games with Grandpa Stan and Grandma Shauna.

We also spent the day on Friday at Spanish Fork Reservoir. We played in the water and caught some fish and some sun.

Here is one of the fish that Kyle caught.

Now, doesn't this just scream brotherly love?

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