Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kyle's Map Quilt...and a Skirt for Me-

Kyle has been wanting a quilt of his own. He loves maps, so when I found this fabric with maps on it, I knew it would be perfect for Kyle.

He even helped with a little of the sewing.
I did a disappearing nine patch design.

I think he loves it. He of course chose minkee for the back. It is so soft and yummy. I quilted it in a meander design.

Last night I also made myself this skirt.


Jen said...

I love Kyle's quilt...Your skirt is too cute!

Allie said...

Kyle's quilt is awesome, and I love that map fabric. I'm the wanderer in our house - I love maps. That skirt is really really lovely!

Kerri said...

what a great quilt!! love it!!

i love the fabrics you chose for the skirt, and you look very lovely in it too!! i need to start making me some skirts.

Kim said...

Gorgeous skirt! You amaze me!

Karen said...

You're a hottie! Love the skirt!

Lauranie said...

Hi, I found you through the other Allie! I love the map quilt! And your skirt is fabulous. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Cute Skirt. The fabrics are so flattering on you!

My first and only skirt is still sitting in the closet waiting for the tie on the apron part. I think it's an Amy Butler pattern. I should get it out and finish it up.