Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the Leafy Treetops

Here it is, the latest finish, all quilted and bound.
I've washed it so it has that great crinkly quilt look to it.
The strip blocks are actually made from the left-over fabric from another (twin sized) project I am working on.

This is one where I love the back almost as much as the front. Definitely one to be reversible.
And this cute print that is in the strip in the back is where the name "In the Leafy Treetops" comes form. Do you know that song? I couldn't help but have that running through my head.

I am listing it for sale. I'm trying out a new online shop. Check it out!


Kristi said...

...the birds sing good morning!
Love the Quilt!

Allie said...

That's lovely - I don't know which side I like better!

Kari Lyn said...

Cute quilt! Let me know how you like your new online shop. I've been wanting to sell cards, but haven't liked the options I've found so far. This one *sounds* good!

Diva Quilts said...

So pretty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving your lovely comment.

I love the fresh blues and greens in yours... :)

Kate said...

Gorgeous quilt - wonderful colours and fabrics.

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Lovely quilt. The colors are so soothing.

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

What an awesome quilt. I LOVE the colors. And the photo of it, are equally impressive.

Sarah said...

I love this! So pretty.

wishes, true and kind said...

This quilt looks calming and comforting! I so love that in a quilt! I wish I had your photography skills/creativity!


henny said...

I just pop in from flickr saw this beautiful thing. Really lovely!
I wish I could sew that line of quilting sewing.