Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where has Summer Gone?

My kids started school today...

...and I can't stand it! Where did my summer go? I swear we just got in the summer groove, and it's gone!

Kyle is in 6th grade and Gracie is in 4th grade.

We've been busy and we've been having a good time.
We've been able to do a little camping the last couple of weekends. Lot's of playing cards, kids riding their bikes, reading, and just hanging out.

Tin Foil dinners is one of my favorite parts of camping.
I've also done a little sewing--here is the latest quilt top. Isn't she sweet?
I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer!


Marcie said...

Happy Start of Fall!! the summer did go way too fast. Your quilts are beautiful!!

Allie said...

Nooooooooooo! I don't want it to be over yet! I need at least 50 more trips to the beach.
I'm glad you've enjoyed your summer - love your new quilt!

Anonymous said...

The pic's of your kid's are really beautifull. also the summer vacation is also very intresting to do some intresting things....


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