Monday, September 21, 2009

I hate spiders.

I mean I really hate spiders. I despise them. I'm terrified of them. These are the things nightmares are made of. Can you imagine how happy I was so see this next to the gate I was about to go out?
I hate spiders.

Along with the regular day to day stuff this past week, I was fighting a pretty bad head cold, but my Mom and I did manage to get all of our pears bottled.
I did get my order of the Figgy Pudding fabric in the mail, so I'll be able to work on this fella soon.

Today I'm finally sewing. I'm working on quilt binding. I'll have more to show you soon!


Allie said...

Egads. Just the picture makes me shudder. I hate them too - it would help if they made some noise, so you know where they are.

duh said... and your Mother canned pears?...

Karen said...

Come on was the spider picture really necessary? OOOOO-YUCK! I hate spiders too! That's an extra ugly one too. Good luck with your quilt - love the colors!