Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of My Very Favorite People

I just love this kid.

Kyle had a birthday yesterday. He's 12!
My little boy isn't so little anymore.

We took Kyle to "nickel-cade" to celebrate. We all had a great time.
Kyle requested peanut butter bars instead of cake. Can you tell who made them? Don't worry, I covered that with chocolate frosting.

I really feel so lucky to get to be this boys Mom.
Kyle has always been my buddy. He has a very kind heart, he's so m
uch fun, and such a great kid. I can't believe how much he is growing up. I am very proud of the person he is.
I still like to think of him like this--

Love ya kid.


Marcie said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle. Sounds like a fun day.

Allie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!!!! What a cute baby pic - and such a handsome young man. I'm glad he had a great birthday!

Karen said...

Happy B-day Kyle!!! You ARE all grown up! Have fun in Young Mens! Glad you had a great birthday! :)